5 Facts About Zombies That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End!




Fact Number 1: A Disease Called Yaws

Have you heard about the disease called Yaws? I hope you never get this disease, because it can actually make you look like a zombie. The disease causes painful sores on the arms, legs and feed. An individual with yaws may have painful wounds on the soles of their feet, causing them to walk like a zombie.

Zombies! Who here doesn’t like hearing about zombies?

They are definitely interesting creatures to say the least. The word “zombie” is related to the word “nzambi,” which means “god” in African.

Scientists discovered a species of Ophicordyceps, which is a parasitic fungus that can turn ants into zombies.

If you live in Haiti, I hope you don’t plan on turning someone into a zombie! This is because in Haiti, it is against the law to turn an individual into a zombie. Article 249 states that is someone buries another human as if they were dead, and then digs the person up in order to bring them back to life, it is considered murder.

Interesting facts, don’t you think? Would you like to know more? Okay, here’s 5 facts about zombies that’ll make your hair stand on end …

Fact Number 2: Immune to Most Dangers and Never Get Tired

Have you ever witnessed a zombie sleeping? No. They are never tired, so they never have to sleep. Another interesting thing is the fact that they don’t even require air to breathe. Also, they are immune to most possible dangers.

Extreme temperatures, drugs, poisons, gasses and high voltage electricity won’t harm a zombie. If a human were to be exposed to these things, they could end up turning into a zombie themselves! Yes, zombies can have physical injuries, which could remove a limb, but they will still “live.”

Fact Number 3: A Doctor Tried to Turn George Washington into a Zombie

George Washington’s body was preserved, because that was his dying wish. A doctor who visited the dead body of George Washington had the idea of performing an experiment on him by circulating lambs blood into his system and pumping his lungs. His theory here was that it would bring him back. His family, however, refused this treatment. Otherwise, George Washington would be known as the first zombie president.



Fact Number 4: A Haitian Dictator with His Own Zombie Army

Back in 1957, in Haiti, Duvalier came into power. His power lasted for a total of 58 years.

During this time, Duvalier manipulated his people with Voodoo local customs. It is said that he raised people from the dead and train them (it was his very own zombie army).

Duvalier caused a lot of terror and is known as being one of the most feared men in history.

Fact Number 5: The CDC has a Site For Preparing for a Zombie Outbreak

That’s right, the Center for Disease Control actually has a site that is fully devoted to preparing for the zombie apocalypse –that’s pretty freaky, don’t you think?

It goes without saying, we must be prepared for any disaster, even if it is a zombie apocalypse and obviously, the CDC is all about being prepared. They even have a step-by-step guide that will help you prepare. Of course, you know, if zombies start walking around your yard, the CDC will be there to investigate and keep this issue under control …

One of the scariest facts, in my opinion, is the fact that YOU could be a zombie. There are many diseases out there that have zombie-like symptoms – no joke. For example, there’s a disease called sleeping sickness. This is where parasites take control of your brain. The individual will lose their appetite, they won’t be able to talk correctly, they will lose concentration and be irritable. Rabies is another disease that will cause you to act like a zombie. Scary stuff, right?