The Best Halloween Costumes Ideas from the Thrilling Netflix Series “Stranger Things”


You and your pals can bring Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the band to life with these looks inspired by the characters everyone’s fascinating over.

Everybody was growing in the early 80s remembers that it was a difficult decade. Food was almost rubbish, eyeshadow was neon, clothes so bad that when we see the 80s movies our eyes get pains. But there was one saving grace, to which the latest Netflix original series pays pitch-perfect homage. Stranger Things – centred round a group of children in the small Indiana town of Hawkins and their search for their friend Will who vanishes as he cycles home one night – is set in 1983 and channels the spirits of the celluloid storytellers who conquered the era. And it delivers a shot of nostalgia right to the viewer’s emotions.

Eleven the girl with the large eyes

The amazing protagonists are about 12-year-old, on their bikes and just incredible– especially when they find Eleven , an almost-mute girl with large eyes and strange powers who they have to hide in the basement and who gradually learns by their example what loyalty and friendship mean.



You can find her outfits and hair-style as wig online and in Amazon. Unless you have blonde hair or are willing to commit and shave your head!!!

You’ll definitely need the green and yellow tube socks and white Converses, too. If you have to purchase a pair of the classic sneakers, don’t worry. They never go out of style, and you’ll get a ton of use out of them post-Halloween time. For added effect — and if it happens to be cold weather on Halloween — you can buy Eleven’s navy jacket.

Carry around a box of Eggo waffles, or rock this cute waffle purse that will serve more of a purpose holding your belongings than a box of the real frozen kind. Oh, and we almost forgot: You can get a makeup kit to dirty up your face and add some blood under your nose. With all this, you’ll knock this costume out of the park!

For an alternate option, you can go as Eleven when she’s in the hospital gown as well.

Mike is another interesting character of the series


He is the leader of the children group. His clothes are a little more ordinary and aren’t sold in a package set. You’ll just have to piece them together. First, a rugby shirt with horizontal stripes and grey pants. You can add his khaki jacket and JanSport backpack to complete the ’80s style outfit. For added touches, find and wear these Puma sneakers and rock a calculator watch.

Dustin is another amazing character of the series “Stranger things”



The adorable, toothless Dustin wants only some chocolate pudding is an amazing Halloween costume idea too. Many children in a kids’ pact are arguing about who gets to go as him this Halloween.

Dustin’s signature is his hat and his Wisconsin shirt. Put together a denim jean jacket and a khaki pants, and you’re almost there. Herschel makes a light blue backpack that’s similar to the one he’s always wearing in the show. To finish the whole outfit of Dustin, you might wear the old classic adidas sneakers that look like his shoes. If you don’t have them, you can just invest in some because they’re still pretty fashionable in our days. The little cherry on top is: his curly hair of course. For these kids or adults who aren’t blessed with natural curls, there’s a wig they can find online and on Amazon in Halloween accessories. The wig’s curls look perfect for puffing out of his red, white, and blue trucker hat.

Lucas is another lovable character of the series “Stranger things”


Lucas’ identification wardrobe piece is certainly his jacket. Lucas carries a similar brown cord jacket that has the fur collar. He also wears red corduroy pants. For his blue shirt in Navy Style and his pinstripe backpack you can find almost the same online and in Amazon. Of course, you can’t leave out the camouflage bandana. As an added touch, throw on a black digital watch which you can find also in Amazon.

Barb is a very interesting character in the “stranger things” series too



Barb has a really special place in the show-fans hearts.. With her ruffled top from ’80s and her retro clear glasses, how can you not adore her and love her? May be you have to borrow your mom’s old jeans or purchase your own pair. Just don’t forget her wig and her combat-style ankle boot with the blue puffer, and you’ll be ready for the Halloween night.!

Of course there are more characters  in this amazing show like Jonathan Byers and many others


You can bring all these character in life during Halloween Horror nights or in a Comics Exhibition or Parties really easy with simple old fashion clothes almost the same with the characters in the “Stranger Things” series.

Be only creative and you’ll have great results and fun!!!

Costumes and Accessories for “Stranger Things” The Best Halloween Costumes Ideas from the Thrilling Netflix Series “Stranger Things”