Building a Walking Dead Action Figure Collection


If you are a big fan of the zombie genre like me then chances are is that you are also going to be a big fan of the Walking Dead TV show.

It has proved very popular not only with fans of Zombies and Horror shows but lots of other TV viewers as well and has received glowing reviews all round.

As well as the TV show, there has been a ton of merchandise created for Walking Dead fans and certainly one of the favorites is McFarlane toys range of action figures.

To collect the whole set would be a big task as there is an ever expanding range of figures but I know that some people are completists and want to get every single figure.

Personally I have my favorites, we all have characters in the TV series who we like or zombies that we find particularly gruesome!

Some of the figures have now become collectors items and will cost you in excess of a $100 so I’ll just be talking about the newer releases that are still available and won’t cost you a fortune.

I’m sure that you will find your own favorites but here are my mine…

 Officer Rick Grimes

I think that everybody will agree that a Walking Dead Action Figure Collection without Rick Grimes would certainly be incomplete. The Series 6 figure is one of the best of the Rick figures, the likeness is really good and it comes with a pistol and machette and also an alternative bandaged hand. The only complaints I see about this figure is that the skin tone looks a little orange as if he has been on the sun bed.

Daryl Dixon with Motorbike

his one is a must have and is probably one of the most popular Walking Dead action figures because not only do you get a really good Daryl Dixon figure but you also get his iconic chopper as well. Accessories included a crossbow and knife. For the price this is a really good deal.


My favorite figure of Michonne is the series 6 model which comes with Katana sword and sheath as well as zombie pet heads and a fish tank. Some people who purchased this figure mentioned that it fell apart very easily. I didn’t have this issue but if it is a worry for you then the series 7 model is pretty good as well.

Penny the Governors Daughter

OK that’s the heroes dealt with so lets check out some zombies and Penny is my number one. She is a great looking zombie kid and comes with some great extras. For instance a bucket of bloody body parts and fish tank with some trophy heads, you can also use of these heads for Michonne’s pet zombie which is the next one up

Michonne’s Pet Zombie

You can’t have a Michonne figure without her pet, you might prefer a dog or cat but she finds a zombie can be mans best friend. This is a nice looking figure and comes with a neck collar and chain and body parts that can be added or torn off.

So those are my five favorites, what about you? All these figures are nicely articulated and can be used to play with though I wouldn’t really recommend them for young children.