Top 8 Zombie Masks …


Zombies … some of us adore them, others are terrified of them. If you’re a major zombie fan and you’d like to give people around you the heebie jeebies (those who are terrified of zombies), then you should consider one of the following masks for your next big scare … Here’s the top 8 zombie masks … Zombie Latex Mask This is a full overhead mask that will be sure to scare the hats off of all the little ones that come up to your house while trick-or-treating. It would also be great to wear to a party or special zombie event! The dropping jaw and rotted flesh all over the face is icing on the cake …

Captain Lester Mask

How about being a zombie captain? This is another great full over zombie mask that would be super scary to wear to a party … it may even help you win a costume contest! Trust me, this mask is even more scarier in person – my friend wore it last year during Halloween and I admit, it gave me the creeps.

Close Shave Zombie

Mask Razors, razors and more razors. What’s worse than being a zombie? Having razors stuck all over your face! This zombie obviously made a poor attempt at trying to shave … I guess we could say “at least he tried.” Regardless, this mask is pretty creepy, don’t you think?

Zombie Wizard of Oz Mask

Zombies are downright terrifying, but what about a zombie scarecrow? This mask is a bit on the freaky side. The moment you put this mask on, you will become a terrifying mess!

Rubies Big Zombie Mask

This is a nice full overhead zombie latex mask and I must admit, just looking at the picture may terrify some people. Could you imagine being around someone that has this on … or perhaps wearing it yourself and scaring all of the little kids on your block? If you’re looking to scare someone, this would definitely help do the trick.

Alien Host Zombie Mask

Alien HostWow, I’m not really sure what to think about this zombie … painful, perhaps? The alien is ripped out of the host’s head, making for a pretty terrifying mask. It has been hand painted, giving it an even more realistic look. If you’re looking for a scary zombie mask and you are also a fan of aliens, this over-the-head latex mask is a perfect fit for you.

There you have the top 8 zombie masks. This Halloween, if you would like to scare a lot of people, you should definitely choose one of these masks from the list. I’m not sure what the deal is, but people tend to be scared of the undead and these masks certainly take the undead and run with it in a gruesome way

Santa Claws Zombie Mask

What’s worse than a zombie? A Santa zombie! Could you imagine having this guy come into your house every Christmas Eve? I’m pretty sure I would lock all of the doors and block the chimney if this was the real Santa!

No Face Blood Zombie Mask

This over the head hand painted mask is super detailed. It looks as if the entire face has been removed and only the chin is left. One thing is for sure, it is certainly a bloody mess!