Zombie-opoly Board Game Review

 Oh no! Monopoly has been “Zombiefied!

”Wait, don’t go just yet, this is a GOOD thing. It’s the same classic game, but with a nice, spooky ZOMBIE twist. One that many people, including myself, love.

Let me tell you, if you are a fan of Walking Dead and have grown into a zombie fanatic, your collection isn’t complete without Zombi-opoly.

I like this game so much that I have decided to give you an honest Zombie-opoly board game review …

The Player Pieces are Unique

There is a total of six player pieces that are pretty cool and zombie-related. The player pieces are definitely unique, to say the least – they’re not like something you would expect in a monopoly game. These player pieces consist of:

  • Lethal Weapon
  • Femur Bone
  • Shovel
  • Severed Ear
  • Human Remnant
  • Zombie Boy

Is This Game Good to Play with the Family?

Yes, of course this game is perfect to play with the family – even kids will love it.

There’s just something about zombies and being able to play a monopoly-based game the way zombies would play – it’s is really cool, especially when you get to play it right alongside your family.

The fun never really dies with this killer board game!

The Aspects of the Game

With Zombie-opoly, you will be able to purchase favorite zombies and increase the rent. Instead of buying houses for the property, you will be buying boxes of flesh. You can then trade them in for a nice screaming human (something every zombie seems to enjoy). It’s all giggles and laughs until one of the players is buried under the ground and clawing their way to the surface for three turns – that’s the equivalence of being in jail in the classic Monopoly game. You could soon become re-animated, or you might just be blood bitten or spewed. This is certainly an unpredictable game and you will shiver as you await your next turn.

Who Would Like this Game?

Any individual who is fascinated by zombies will enjoy this game. I have noticed many who love the paranormal world turn to games like this. If you have a nice taste for the ever so popular television show “The Walking Dead,” I am pretty sure this is your type of game right here.

The only con to this game will come to those individuals who have a zombie phobia. Those who are scared of zombies may not be interested in this game and should avoid it.

Would I recommend this to a friend? I definitely would … in fact, I would love to play this game with my friends, just to see them laugh. I have noticed many different types of Monopoly games, such as World of Warcraft Monopoly, popping up on the market, but I must say, Zombie-opoly is my personal favorite, because I enjoy zombies! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try to play this game, I dare you …