Alice “Through the Looking Glass” Halloween and Event’s Costumes

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The movie “Through the Looking Glass” (2016) created a request for few of the well-known characters that were in this movie. These characters are from kids and adults still IN and beloved even today. Based on an adaptation from the original book “Alice in Wonderland”, the movie featured a more gothic twist that resonated with fans.

Costume for the characters are already being very wanted the last years. You’ll be able to find many of different costumes based on the fascinated characters such as Alice, Mad Hatter (links to costumes) etc. You can find these costumes for both kids and adults alike.

Though there are many of lovable and interesting characters in the movie, a fan favourite has always been Alice. You can dress as the Mad Hatter if you like – or one of the others, but Alice is going to be one of the top ten in demand Halloween costumes every year.

Some of them do feature a completely different look than you would have seen in the original “Alice in Wonderland” suit, which was the light blue dress and the white apron.

That was the Alice old “normal” costume of many years ago. This new one has a little more glamour and a lot more colour than that older one did. You can find some of these beautiful costumes that are two pieces with one piece being a brightly colored, multi-design shirt.

Some of the ones that come with the separate shirt pieces like this also have a pair of striped pants that balloon out at the end. Other costumes along the same line have a lot of extras such as screen art or tassels.

Still others will feature yokes and piping for the top that you can take off. You can also find some that have the design made into the material of the shirt so that you get the same overall costume look but without all the pieces as separates.

You might find some of the costumes that have high collars on the shirt while others don’t. Make sure you choose the Through the Looking Glass costume that’s not too snug because your child will want to be able to fit it for months to come.

Many of the costumes will be made of a very soft, shiny material that is cool enough to be worn even during summer time play long after Halloween has faded away.

The costumes are very tough to last as well. You can find some of these suits that will come with accessories on the side such as the collar but some of them won’t have that particular parts.

Most of the costumes don’t come with the special shoes of the film character they represent but some of them may come with tights depending on the size of the child you’re choosing and buying it for. What most parents do is they buy a pair of long socks for their child to ware it with the costume.

You can find all these costumes still online, even the film is few years old.

I wish you a lot of fun and joy waring these amazing costumes or finding them for your child.

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